Friday, August 07, 2009

Hallett Peak (August 6th, 2009)

Last Thursday Karen and I hit the trail at 0430 at Bear Lake for our hike up to Hallett Peak. She had never been up there before, and the only time I have been on Hallett was in a heavy fog. I've always wanted to return to take in the view from the summit. We had great weather...though surprisingly cool and windy for an August hike.
Karen at the Bear Lake parking lot.
Sunrise on the Flattop Mountain Trail.

The true summit of Hallett lit up by the morning sun in the middle of the picture.
Great camouflage on this ptarmigan!
Pica gathering some food from the tundra.
One of many we saw on the hike.
Karen hoofing it up the Flattop Mountain trail with Notchtop visible on the right.
Nice view of another ptarmigan.
A pair of marmots.
View of Longs Peak to the south. Still some snow on the north face and in the lower reaches of the Trough.
These are, um, yellow trail flowers. Yeah, that's it, Colorado Yellow Trail Flowers.
Karen near the summit of Flattop with Hallett above her left shoulder.
Karen and I on the summit of Hallett Peak! We were thankful for the shelter of a makeshift rock wall up there to protect us from the wind.
I love this picture of a marmot posing in front of the mountains to the northwest.
We had a great view here looking down the grassy, eastern summit ridge of Hallett. The far end of this ridge drops of in a sheer cliff, which, when viewed from Bear Lake, appears to be the mountains summit.
We enjoyed great views westwards towards Grand Lake.
Karen heading back down towards Flattop Mountain and the trail back down to Bear Lake.
View down Tyndall Gorge, the area between Flattop Mountain and Hallett Peak. Nymph, Dream and Emerald lakes are located in this drainage.
Hallett and Tyndall Glacier behind an exuberant Karen.
Karen enjoying a break at the Emerald Lake overlook. Longs in the background.
Me & Karen with Emerald Lake 1,250 vertical feet below us.

A dusky grouse we spotted back down below treeline.

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