Monday, August 24, 2009

PbVille '09

It was yet another great weekend at the Leadville 100 "Race Across The Sky" I did not run it this year, but went up to help out, pace, and spectate. It was an unusually warm, dry year. The heat caused a lot of stomach issues among the runners and resulted in many DNFs (did not finish, or distance not finished).

Below is a picture of Ron next to his 5th wheeler. My tent is just visible to the right behind the table and barbecue grill. What a great weekend to tent; warmer and dryer than I have ever seen it in Leadville. Ron and I had intended to climb Mt. Elbert, Colorado's highest peak, but instead volunteered to help mark the race course. We were responsible for marking the 10.5 miles between Twin Lakes and the turn around at Winfield. This is a beautiful stretch of course including 12,600 foot high Hope Pass. Here' a picture of me tying on some ribbon near the river crossing. Part of our duty was to scout out the area and find the most suitable place to cross the river. This can change year-to-year due to the different water levels and changing river channels.
Ron marking along the meadow crossing near Twin Lakes. This area is usually wet, with some water and nasty black-muck stretches that are more than ankle deep. This year it was just a wonderfully dry grasslands.
The main channel river crossing. In the background is the beginning of the 3000 ft. climb towards Hope Pass.
Ron and I were up for the 4am race start to see the runners off. Molly I posing for a shot.
Molly and Chris.
Karen and Pat.
Bob and Scott.
Ken Chlouber, age 70, preparing to go for the 100 miles again!
Norma and Ron.
Beauty and the Bob.
The crowd at the finish line with just over a minute to go. We were all madly cheering for a woman coming up the boulevard as the clock ran down. Unfortunately, after 30 hours of valiant effort, she came in just over a minute after the gun! There always some real drama and excitement at this finish line towards the end of the race.
Ken cheering on the runners and preparing to fire the shotgun to signal the official end of the race.
Medical aid to a finisher who was carried to the lawn after collapsing at the finish line.
And medical aid to another collapsed runner at the finish line.
The awards ceremony in the 6th street gym.
Alan and Mike. These two Estes Park guys finished in around twenty-three and a half hours to earn a big buckle. Wow, what a performance!

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