Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Mt. Chiquita Hike (08/31/2009)

This was a six-mile round trip from the Chapin Pass trail head. Chiquita tops out at 13,069 feet, about 2,050 feet above the trail head. We had a beautiful day which started with a sighting of these three deer on Fall River Road on our way to the trail head.
Looking down the Chapin Creek drainage. The long views were very hazy due to smoke from the California wildfires. Karen hoofing it up the mountain. Looking due west to the Alpine Visitor Center (just visible on the skyline right of the snowfield in the upper center of the photo).
Mrs. G.
The Master Slacker.
Lunch break at the Mt. Chapin/Mt. Chiquita saddle.
No switchbacks here, just straight up the tundra towards the summit. Well, one of the false summits anyway.
Rock cairn and summit rock wind shelter.
Marmot with a view.
Karen and I getting comfortable behind the wind shelter.
The view to Ypsilon Mtn. (left) and Mummy Mtn. sky-lined to the right.
Looking down to the north east, just a bit of Spectacle Lake is visible at center left. Ypsilon Lake in the center of the photo.
An interesting cairn under threatening skies; Karen trekking on through in the background.
Returning to tree line.
Lovely scenery on the way down.
Yet another self portrait using the extended, one arm camera shot method.
Karen looking back up at me on a steeper section of the trail.
It may still be August, but fall colors are already to be found on the ground.

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