Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May Snow Storm

Below is a photo looking southwest from our house toward our neighbors.  In the forground is a rock retaining wall Karen and I built.  Behind that is a small ampitheater we dug out of the slope.  We plan to build a curved rock bench/seating area there.

Close up of the dig.

We ordered two tons of moss rock to be used in our little project.

Snow flurries began as we started to haul the rock over and began to stack it.

More snow caused us to temporarily suspend work.

And the snow continues to fall.

This morning we awoke to a foot of beautiful, heavy, wet snow.

Snow on our deck and trees.

We only lost one tree branch in spite of the heavy snow.
We could get a few more inches tonight, but expect temperatures in the sixties by this coming weekend.

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