Tuesday, June 01, 2010

June 1st. Snow Up High. Ungulates Down Low.

On our way up Trail Ridge Road to check out the snow levels on the Divide, we ran into several delays due to road construction.
Oh, yeah, there's still a lot of snow up here!
This was the first day they managed to clear enough snow from the front doors to enter the alpine visitor center.  It's still closed to the public, but should be opening soon.
Normally, there is a fantastic view here, eastward down from the continental divide, but they will have to finish removing the snow for that to become visible.  These bobcats are removing snow that the large snow auger knocked down.
The large snow auger.
Moose, the first of four wild ungulate species we saw today.  These were on the west side of the park.

On the way home, we spotted a group of bighorn sheep on Fall River Road, about three miles west of our house.

We also saw hundreds of elk today.  Notice the ear tag and antlers in velvet.

And finally, mule deer.  This one's antlers are just coming out.
Pretty scruffy looking while they are in the process of losing their long winter coats.  This one must have been upset that I had disturbed him, as he got up and stuck his tongue out at me as he ran off.

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