Friday, January 29, 2010

Cruising the Chilean Fjords (Part 3)

Days at sea were good for walking the Promenade deck.  Jogging was prohibited; not unreasonable considering the crowds, narrow space, and slippery deck.

Beautiful forested slopes of the fjords.

Fascinating lighting with contrasting ocean, blue sky and low, scudding cloud cover.

Karen, Pinky, and Art.

Center atrium stairway decorated for Christmas.

Having arrived on board late, we received our own personal little lifeboat drill.

Stormy seas.  At one point we had huge swells that created havoc on board, especially in the dining areas.  At dinner, our water and wine glasses began sliding across our dining table as dishes crashed around us.

Art and Pinky on Art's eighty-eighth birthday!

Drink steward wearing a Christmas hat.

Drinks for all!

Art and Pinky spent many evenings dancing to the Neptunes in the Ocean Bar.

I think both Karen and I had been doing some drinking here.

Towel turkey, peacock?
Rainbow highlighting the mountainous terrain.

Snow-capped mountains draped with cascades and waterfalls.

Mixed rain, clouds, and sunshine made for some nice light for taking pictures.  Hey Wes, I'd swear that was you at left in the blue coat!

Amalia Glacier in the Sarmiento Canal.

Me in my 5-year Javelina Jundred fleece jacket with our new Canon Rebel EOS Xsi camera that used to take many of these pictures.  This photo by Karen on her pocket Canon Elph.

Karen with her JVC video camera.

Karen and I cruising the Chilean Fjords..oh yeah!

Due to the "GI", as the captain referred to the norovirus gastroenteritis outbreak on board, we had to stand in line and wait for gloved dining room staff to serve us in the Lido dining area.  Normally, you would just help yourself.  The British captain would repeatedly announce over the loudspeaker "If you feel the need to be friendly, please just touch elbows instead of shaking hands".  I got a kick out of that phrase, "If you need to be friendly"... kind of a British aloofness and formality!  Handshaking was discouraged as it contributes greatly to the spreading of the virus.

Another beautiful rainbow.

Fleeing the storm.

Shipwreak...dangerous waters.

Fantastic, un-edited sunrise photo taken by Karen.

Arriving in Punta Arenas, Chile on December 26th, 2009.

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