Monday, January 25, 2010

Winter Picnic at Sprague Lake

The very first squirrel spotted at our property Abert's squirrel.

Ed brought up a bottle of genuine Colorado whiskey (Stranahan's); who was I to turn down a chance to try it out!

Peppermint Twists for the ladies.

Twenty-one degrees, windy; good weather for a Colorado picnic.

Ed toasting up a brat while Karen grins and Sharon gives the thumbs-up in the background.

My Coleman stove sprang a gas leak, so we put it away and used our fire to heat water for hot chocolate and to cook our chili.

I guess it was also good weather for a Colorado wedding.  These newly weds had just tied the knot here at Sprague lake.  That is one tough bride.

Snow clouds hanging over the Divide, (Thatchtop Mtn. in the center).  We had a few flurries during our picnic, but the bulk of the clouds and snow stayed over the Divide.  Thanks to Sharon & Ed for helping make this another great weekend in the Rockies!

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