Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Florida/South America Trip (Part 1)

Denver International Airport (DIA), Karen and I are headed to Venice, Florida via Atlanta and Sarasota.
Our plane.

Yours truly at Venice Beach.

Karen strolling the beach.

Black Skimmers, Ring-Billed Gulls, and uh, beach birds

Lots of small shells, and if you've a sharp eye and good luck, maybe a fossil shark tooth.

Two gentlemen near the North Jetty with surf kayaks.

Center of Venice Avenue between the town and  beach.

A beautiful purple orchid tree and palms in the center of Venice Avenue.  Ironically, the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council lists this tree as a catagory 1 invasive species.

We stayed here at Karen's Dad's place before catching our flight to Miami.

Christmas, Florida style.

Pinky and the Konarske Clan at her fabulous home in Nokomis.

Karen and her dad checking out our South American travel route.

One of many beautiful displays in the Miami International Airport (Concourse D) on our way to Santiago, Chile.

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Sasquatch said...

Way to go you coward...leaving us all here to freeze while you bask in the Florida sunshine. Pity you missed on the pretty snow. On second thought, I'm the idiot for not volunteering to carry your bags. Looking forward to the next installment of pics.