Monday, July 27, 2009

Balanced Rock Hike (Saturday, July 25, 2009)

Balanced Rock is an interesting mushroom-shaped rock sitting on the north side of Lumpy Ridge in Rocky Mtn. National Park. It's an eight mile round trip from the Lumpy Ridge Trail Head (which replaced the Twin Owls and Gem Lake trail heads a couple of years ago). Below is a picture of the topo map posted at the trail head.
Snack time at Gem Lake before following the trail on to the north side of Lumpy Ridge. Gem Lake has become one of my favorite training runs. It's an eight mile round trip from my home. About half of it is easy road running, and half is moderately difficult trail up to the lake and back down. Tough on the way up, pure joy running it back down!
Gem Lake..the trail continues on past the small sandy beach to the left of the rocks.
Gem Lake pictured from the north side.
Balanced Rock with Karen in the foreground.

I failed to take pictures of the trail between Gem Lake and Balanced Rock, but believe me, it really is pretty country up there on the north side of Lumpy Ridge. Nice rolling trail in a beautiful Ponderosa forest with fascinating rock formations and wonderful views of the Devils Gulch Road area and Cow Creek area.

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