Friday, July 17, 2009

Sky Pond Hike

Today's hike was to Sky Pond, a nine mile round trip hike beginning at the Glacier Gorge trail head. From there we used the fire trail (unmarked trail) to by-pass Alberta Falls by going around the west side of the Glacier Knob. Then it was on up past The Loch to Timberline Falls. After having a quick snack at the base of the falls, we climbed up the short, steep, and wet section alongside the falls to ascend to Lake of Glass. A short hike from this pretty lake leads to beautiful Sky Pond. We had a leisurely lunch there in sunny, warm conditions while watching a number of technical climbers on one of the Cathedral Spires.
Below is a picture of Karen and Phoebe with Timberline Falls just visible to the upper left.
Phoebe and Karen at the falls with The Loch behind them.
Yours truly standing at the base of Timberline Falls.
Karen at the falls and not wanting to be anywhere else!
Karen and me with The Loch in the background on the right.
I made it above the falls....piece of cake!
Past Lake of Glass, heading up the trail towards Sky Pond.
Lunch at Sky Pond.
Left to right, The Sharks Tooth, The Petite Grepon, and the Cathedral Spires.
Preparing to head on back down. Still sunny and warm, but with a stronger breeze now.
The three of us at Lake of Glass.
Phoebe and Karen descending from the lake towards the top of Timberline Falls.
Getting a bit steeper.
Must be something interesting up there.
Cow elk.
Yellow Colorado Trail Flower.

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