Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chapin-Chiquita Saddle (07/15/09)

On July 15 Karen and I started up the Chapin Pass trail with good friends Sharon & Ed, intending to go up only about one-half mile for the view. However, Sharon was feeling her oats and before we realized what was up, she had led us up above treeline all the way to the Mt. Chapin - Mt. Chiquita saddle at 12,000 feet!

View from Chapin Pass down the Chapin Creek drainage toward the Cache la Poudre River.Sharon and Karen climbing one of the rock staircases. Looking eastward over the saddle down to Endo Valley, Horseshoe Park, and Deer Mountain. Snowfield just below eastern rim of the saddle. We dropped down over the east side of the saddle just above the snowfield to get out of the wind and enjoy some food and drink. That's Karen, Sharon, and myself trying to get comfortable while Ed takes the shot.
View east over a really nice rock formation.
The Lindemeistermuehlenhiemers (who graciously provided all of these photos) in a darned good one-handed self portrait.
Zipping up to face a stiff west wind as we prepared to head back down to the trail head.
Me making like a kite with the fierce wind holding me up.
Our lunch spot at the Chapin Saddle just above the snow field in the middle of the photo. Sharon pointing it out on the sign at the Horseshoe Park Overlook.

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